I advise – YOU decide!

There is no exact science – a property is only worth what a buyer is prepared to pay. It’s my responsibility to assess all relevant factors to enable me to offer my opinion. No two properties are the same and every sellers’ plans are different so I must approach my task with an open and objective mind whilst taking into account your requirements. Two principle factors I must consider are the importance of your plans and the timescale you desire.

One of the most reliable guides I can employ is comparable evidence, where available. Knowledge of recent sale prices of similar properties can be a good base to work from. When advising you on value I will also consider the present state of the market, the location, environmental factors, the general condition and presentation of your property and any valuable potential it may have.

Many property types are unique, therefore comparable evidence cannot be found – this is where experience counts. With the benefit of having carried out many thousands of appraisals in and around Taunton, I can usually draw at least some evidence from a cross section of similarly sized properties, with broadly similar features and indicate from a ‘gut feeling’ a range within which value should lie. In such cases I’ll advise you a ‘Guide price’ should be set, with offers invited – the best offer will then pinpoint value and on the basis the sale materialises we can be confident that the best price has been achieved.

It’s essential you are aware the appraisal meeting is a discussion process and the final decision on where to set the price is yours. Having weighed up my information and advice, YOU will decide your price and I will set about doing all I can to achieve your goals.