At last – More to sell following an unusually quiet spell.

As a rule, and without the scourge of Brexit, as soon as the kids go back to school in early September, the phones start ringing with sellers wanting to sell and buyers keen to buy.

Not this year. It’s been unusually quiet. In the face of so much uncertainty, sellers have held back, much to the frustration of an ever-accumulating queue of buyers desperate to snap up any good thing that comes along. By a good thing, I mean a sensibly priced property in a half decent location and these are very hard to find. All you need to do is look on-line or flick through the pages of any property paper and you’ll see. Much of what is being advertised is overpriced, either by agents over valuing to attract a new client or by over ambitious sellers pushing their luck too far and in this challenging market it just won’t wash.

Despite the uncertainty, some sellers have to sell and, Brexit or no Brexit, have all of a sudden surfaced and I’m very pleased to have found myself with a surge of new instructions. I would say this, but I applaud the decision to take the plunge now. With so few properties to choose from and prices holding firm, the chances of finding a buyer and completing a sale before Christmas are strong.